Kilele is primarily happening in multiple spaces around The Mall, Westlands.

Over the past few years, The Mall has become a hub for young creatives, as arts and community organisations have moved into empty units, particularly in the basement.  Current residents of The Mall include Santuri East Africa, The Mist, Black Rhino VR, PerFORM Music Incubator, Zamani Skate, ‘Contemporary &’ and others.

For Kilele, the venues will be:

Fem Lab

Created by the Goethe Institut via the Jenga CCI project, this space has played a key role in promoting and fore-grounding non-male participation in the Creative Sector. It will be the primary space for talks and panels.

Santuri Salon

The Santuri Salon is Santuri’s multi-functional space for workshops, performances, listening sessions, panel discussions and more. It’s also a place for DJs and music producers to access world class hardware and software Santuri shares with the community.


Santuri’s home for SEMA - The Santuri Electronic Music Academy.


This is our Pop-Up networking space on The Mall rooftop, which will be the venue for our soft opening event and a sundowner session on each evening.


Out Reality / BRBR

Black Rhino VR’s space for workshops and hackathons, this space will serve as the tech workshop venue for Kilele, hosting sessions by Ableton, FL Studio, Elektron and Bitwig.

The Mist

The now infamous underground club that has carved a niche into the cultural scene through its challenging and open music policy, and community aesthetic. 


The unfortunately named exhibition and performance space is also in The Mall basement.

Mall Rooftop 

The Santuri @10 Showcase will happen on the 2nd level of the parking garage on top of The Mall. We’ll install the Umojah Soundsystem, Kenya’s finest Jamaican style rig for the occasion.


Shelter in Woodvale Groove, 300 metres from The Mall, in the heart of Westlands’ party district. Shelter has built a reputation for supporting emerging scenes and collectives, and is the perfect place for our first official showcase event on Tuesday 13th.

Moov Cafe

An authentic creative, fun and inclusive space in Kilimani, with great food, music and vibes.

Dagoz Soul Kitchen

A hidden gem in Kilileshwa - and scene of the final BBQ and wind down session for Kilele.


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