Welcome to the Santuri Sizzlers - if you have this link you are a friend of Santuri who may be interested in some of the music coming through the program.

We’ll be posting three types of content:

- tracks that are already out that you might be interested in
- unreleased music that may or may not be looking for label support
- Works-in-Progress from artists we are excited about

JAMO’S COAST ODDESSY : Style Ambient / Release date: ??? (looking for a label

Short Bio: Jamo is cool etc

contact: jamo@internet.com


Download? Y/N


NABALAYO EP _ Style: Changanya
Fire EP from Nabbers etc - BUY HERE: Bandcamp Link



WIP / Others 

SnSE _ Lo - total banger, still under prodiuction - looking for a vocal... 


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