Febuary 12 - 18th 2024, - Nairobi, Kenya

Program - submit your prooposal to be a part of Kilele. - ****CLOSED**** 

Do you have an idea for a performance, workshop, presentation or panel you would like to host or partner on at Kilele. We are seeking proposals that exhibit:

  1. A high level of musical excellence and innovation, particularly around the use of technology.
  2. An openness for collaboration and experimentation.
  3. Topics or approaches relevant for the region that also challenge norms and provoke healthy debate. This could relate to music education, addressing social or political issues or challenging hierarchies, corporations or  received wisdom.

Add your ideas here in as much detail as you can, and our program committee will work through your submission and get back to you. Soft deadline is on 17th of November and the hard deadline is on 24th.


If you have already submitted something or reached out to us via other channels, please take a moment to complete this more detailed form so we can fully understand what your idea entails.  We are excited to hear from you!

Programme Committee

So you know who you are pitching to, the programme committee is made up of:


Coco Em

Nyokabi Kariũki

Anowa Quarcoo

Bernt Isak

Alex Hofmann

David Tinning


Want to be a partner of Kilele?

You can also write to kilele@santuri.org if you are interested in becoming either a financial partner or a collaborative partner active in the programming.  

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