Do I need to be an experienced musician to apply and is this opportunity suitable for artists having just begun their career?

Any Kenyan or Tanzanian artist with minimum 3 years experience in producing, playing or performing music. Some experience is required, since residents are expected to manage their own time and deliver a project for showcasing after the two week period.

Can I create an entire project during this residency? Can I start from scratch?

No, the residency is an intensive period of two weeks where you can finish demos or fine-tune a live show. While some EP’s can be made rapidly, Albums and Live shows often take more than two weeks to complete.

Who is eligible to apply for the residency program?

Any Kenyan or Tanzanian with minimum 3 years experience in producing, playing or performing music. Applicants must be 18 years or older.

What types of creative projects are suitable for this residency?

Singles (4 tracks), EP’s (4-6 tracks), and live shows (6-10 tracks)

What live performance equipment will be accessible to me in this residency?

Most music production and stage equipment will be available.

Where will I reside during the residency if my application is accepted?

The residency program will cover the fee of a competitively priced hotel accommodation.

I perform in a band - how many band members can be part of this residency?

Only solo artists can be part of the residency. For live shows, performers must be working on a solo show.

Can I collaborate with other artists during the residency?

Yes, producers and performers can collaborate with other artists, but additional resources cannot be made available towards travel & accommodation. Artists should prioritize online/remote collaboration, or cover the collaboration costs themselves.

How will the final presentation of my project take place?

Depending on the final product (live show, EP, Singles), Santuri will support the artist to organize a live performance, listening session or EP release party at one of our partner venues in Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam.

Do I need to submit a detailed work plan to show how I intend to complete the project by the end of the residency?

An outline describing how you will use the time and resources provided to you should be sufficient. If you are selected, Santuri and Ajabu Ajabu will support you in creating a detailed work plan so you can achieve your goal by the end of the residency.

When does the residency start and end (in each city)?

Kenyan artists will be hosted by Ajabu Ajabu in Dar Es Salaam (October 30th - November 12th), and Tanzanian artists will be hosted by Santuri in Nairobi (November 13th-27th).

Honorarium - is there payment for participating in the residency?

Transport and accommodation will be provided, as well as a daily stipend of 1500 Ksh / 26114 TSH.

Attendance - is there a specific program / class schedule I’ll need to attend?

The residency lets you manage your own time, but also includes access to one-on-one mentoring sessions, workshops on performance, mixing & mastering. The schedule will be determined before the start of the residency, based on the needs of the applicant and availability of Santuri staff.

If I am unavailable for some of the residency can I still participate?

Since the program is intensive and short, only applicants who are available for the full two-weeks will be considered.

Can I apply to either city or does my application have to only be for one location?

Because the Residency aims to foster cultural exchange, Kenyan artists must complete the program in Dar Es Salaam and Tanzanian artists must complete their program in Nairobi.

Is the residency program free? Is there an application cost?

There are no costs to applicants, nor is there a cost to selected artists, although applicants may choose to pay for expenses that are not already covered by the residency program, at their discretion. The Residency is supported by a grant from Ignite Culture: ACP-EU Culture Programme (Eastern Africa).This fund is being implemented by HEVA, in partnership with the British Council Kenya with the financial contribution of the European Union, and with further support from the Organisation of ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific) States. It is part of the global ACP-EU Culture Programme.

Do I need a laptop?

Yes, having your own laptop is essential. Most other equipment can be supplied for you.

If I don’t get accepted, can I appeal the decision?

Selected applicants will be contacted via email by Santuri & Ajabu Ajabu. Due to the number of applicants, only successful applicants will be contacted a second time. If you think you should have been selected but were not contacted, you can request feedback on your application. Due to the high number of applicants, it may take time for you to get a response. We will only send feedback for applications that were duly submitted, respecting the application process and including the documents required.

How long until I’m notified of rejection / success?

Selected Applicants will be contacted on October 5th.

What will we receive after the program - certification?

Completing this program doesn’t result in certification, although you will receive an official document signed by both Ajabu Ajabu & Santuri East Africa to attest that you completed the program.

The musical work you complete in the residency is yours to use in advancing your career and building your portfolio. If you should be interested, Santuri East Africa will be able to support you in seeking distribution for your project.

How many other artists shall be in the residency?

A total of 4 artists will participate in the residency.

Who / how can we contact the organizers of the residency for more information?

If you have read all the information above, as well as the FAQs below and still have questions about the residency program, please email residency@santuri.org


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