We have an exciting range of workshops at Kilele, covering everything from deep dives into digital intruments, AI, music for wildlife films, de-and re-constructing accepted workflows and much more. 

Ableton Workshop - Tuesday 13th 2023. 11am, OUT Reality / BRVR   


Join us for an exhilarating Ableton workshop happening during the Kilele summit where we immerse ourselves in the art of live performance. Veteran Live performers, producers & SEMA tutors, Kimina and Ng’at Maler will guide participants through hands-on experiences in live performance techniques, software intricacies and the hardware essentials for creating captivating and distinctive performances.Participants will have ample opportunity to get hands on with live performance gear as well as get an exclusive first ever look at the Push 3 in East Africa.

Ableton has been a partner of Santuri since day one, so we are proud and delighted to host this workshop as a part of our 10 year celebrations. 


Advanced sign up required and is only for Kilele ticket holders  


BITWIG WORKSHOP - Wedneday 14th 2023. 11am,

OUT Reality / BRVR

We’ll also run an intro to Bitwig workshop for folks curious about this immense production suite and live tool, facilitated  by the one and only Hendrick Sam - more giveaways for the lucky participants! 

Hendrick Sam is an Audio Engineer, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Educator, Speaker and the founder of Ace Audile, a front dedicated to bringing quality to the studio and stage. His niche in musical work spans all genres and disciplines, from Classical Music, to Jazz, to Electronic Music and even Ethnic Music. Hendrick is known for his ability to fuse other genres with the Jazz and Classical disciplines, as well as delivering crisp mixes and masters with industry longevity.

Advanced sign up required and is only for Kilele ticket holders. 


ELEKTRON HARDWARE WORKSHOP -  Thursday 15th 2023. 11am, OUT Reality / BRVR   

A special session showcasing the creative possibilities of Elektron hardware is an unmissable opportunity to catch Sven Kacirek break down his usage of the Octatrack alongside his Buchla synthesiser. There will also be plenty of chances to get hands on with Elektron gear like the Digitakt and Model: Samples.  

Sven Kacirek was born in Hamburg, Germany. He studied at the conservatory in Arnhem, the Drummers Collective in New York City, and at the Musikhochschule in Hamburg. He has worked with Shabaka Hutchings, John McEntire, Nils Frahm, Sofia Jernberg, Hauschka, Marc Ribot, Ensemble Resonanz, Stargaze Ensemble, Stefan Schneider, amongst others.

Advanced sign up required and is only for Kilele ticket holders


FL STUDIO WORKSHOP - Friday, 16th Febuary 11am, 
OUT Reality / BRVR   

We are delighted to host a workshop on FL Studio, where participants will be able to dive deep into the legendary software, guided by Kenyan über producer Manch!ld. Expect some freebies for the attendees.   


Advanced sign up required and is only for Kilele ticket holders


Other Workshops 

Thursday - Santuri Salon / Studio 

FEMX Track Clinic with Jane Arnison 

We’ll be prioritising non-male producers but all are welcome. Artists should come equipped with their works-in-progress and Jane will provide expert feedback on your music and mix in an open and welcoming forum.    


Thursday - Fem Lab 

Tim Grund

Building live-electronic instruments with Pure Data derived from tape-music compositions

In this workshop, we will present a method of employing MIR (music information retrieval) techniques in order to prepare a live-electronic setup in the open source audio software Pure Data (PD). We will showcase a dedicated live-electronics setup for the re-interpretation of the piece „Leiyla and the poet“ by Halim El-Dabh (1959) and discuss the challenges in extracting the source sounds from a tape music mixdown. Participants will learn about MIR techniques such as beat tracking and source separation, work with the software PD, the provided setup and develop their own interpretations of El-Dabh's music. For participants, please bring your own laptop, headphones and eventually a MIDI-Controller.


11.00 - 13.00 - BYTE Live Coding Workshop

BYTE presents a workshop on music coding practice, tailored to accommodate individuals at all levels of coding proficiency and musicians interested in exploring text-based music creation approaches with special emphasis on Sonic Pi—a free, open-source music synthesizer. This session blends an introduction, guiding participants through the basics, and progressively leads towards the articulation of a captivating live coding performance. 



1am - 13.00 Workshop:  NEWF - music for wildlife documentaries workshop

Following the success of the Compose yourself labs, NEWF is extending insight into the world of wildlife-film composition, an area in which African musicians are often left out of the equation.

Led by film-director Sam Thuku and award-winning composer Labdi Ommes, this workshop will create an entry-point for upcoming Kenyan musicians/composers into the vast scene of wildlife films.

15.00 - 17.30  -  Workshop  - AI, Music and & Creativity

In this Music AI workshop, Gabriel Vigliensoni and Philippe Pasquier will present state-of-the-art AI tools to boost your creativity. They will introduce free tools for computer-assisted music composition and symbolic music and rhythm generation (MIDI). In the second part, they will cover AI-driven sound design and synthesis. All the tools covered are free to use, so bring your machine to try them live and get inspired.

Friday - Classroom

NITM - Not In The Manual - An exploration of misusing and abusing instruments with DJ Raph 

Using technology in ways not originally intended, as a creative tool and as deliberate choice for an artistic practice. This session will be led by one of Nairobi’s most influential  A brief history of technology misuse - samplers, turntables, hiphop, electronic music. Live creation of a track (mis)using FL Studio, Roland SP-555, Denon Prime GO and Audacity. More examples/possibilities of NITM: Fun with YouTube, deliberate glitch and No-Fi production, no input mixing.

Friday, 11am, The Mist

Nyokabi Kariũki + Alex Hofmann

Bodypercussion & Live-Electronics 

This workshop focuses on the artistic perspectives of Nyokabi Kariũki, a composer and performer from Nairobi, Kenya, who uses voice and body percussion to explore the complexities of post-colonial African identity, and Alex Hofmann, a live-electronics performer and researcher investigating questions of live-electronic performance preparation strategies. The workshop encourages participants to actively explore body percussion playing techniques and to develop new concepts for combining body percussion with live-electronics considering approaches from the field of ubiquitous music.

Friday 14.00 - 16.00, SEMA Classroom

Workshop with Afrorack & Feldermelder.

Friday 16.00 - 17.00, Santuri Salon  

Getting Booked at Festivals

How can East Africa artists connect and interact with global festivals? This session will speak with festival directors and bookers to discuss concrete ways artists and organisations can develop relationships with international platforms.     

Moderated by Sisian


Guilherme Tavares
Amanda Bittar
Mimie Maggale
Geraldine Hepp 
Jess White 


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