David Tinning
Co-Founder & Co-Director

David co-founded Santuri with Gregg Tendwa in 2013, after a lengthy Skype call about sample culture, East African musical identity and the global electronic music scene. He’s worked for Native Instruments (twice), Tanzania Heritage Project, Sauti za Busara and the Mines Advisory Group in Kosovo and Cambodia. He’s also freelanced for Ableton, managed CDR Berlin, and is on the advisory board at Cashmere Radio, where he also hosts a show. 


Gregory Mwendwa 
 Co-Founder  & Co-Director

Commonly known as mwalimu Gregg Tendwa, is a specialist in communications for development and social innovation management. Over the last decade, he designed and delivered impactful strategic campaigns, social innovations and capacity building programs across a variety of social challenges. As co-founder and director of Santuri East Africa, he balances his expertise in strategic thinking with his deep networks and nose for development opportunities.


Sharon Onyango-Obbo 
SEMA Project Lead

Sharon is a Ugandan, Kenyan-based operations consultant, record producer and mix engineer. A trailblazer of audio production in Nairobi, Kenya, Sharon's sonic palette is an elegant blend of Safari Trap, Nairobi R&B and Afro Pop. Her mission is to shape Africa’s socio-economic landscape using music production, technology and innovation as agents of development. As an economist and classically trained musician, she is in pursuit of a legacy built on sustainability and creative entrepreneurship across the continent.


Duncan Maloba 
Co-Director & Finance Lead

Duncan Maloba is an accounting professional with specific emphasis in the area of taxation,Audit and accounting having practised for more than 13 years and is based in Nairobi with vast experience in different sectors.


Felix Mwitah
Marketing & Communications / SASA Project Lead

Felix (a.k.a "Budalagi") is a Nairobi born DJ/Producer and lawyer passionate about artists rights in the scene. Forging his own path within Nairobi's underground electronic scene, Budalagi has been prolifically producing tracks spanning the genre spectrum to regional and international acclaim. A key part of the Santuri East Africa team, Budalagi has also been deeply involved in training and supporting a new generation of producers and DJs.


James Ler
Community Resources Lead

James Ler is a music producer based in Nairobi, passionate about the intersection of music and technology. Has been actively making music as part of the trio L3GS as well as putting out solo releases as Ng’at Maler. His musical influences and inspirations range from electronic music from artists such as Burial and Four Tet to local meledic sounds of Ayub Ogada.


Victor Muindi
Technical Officer & SEMA Tutor

Kimina is a Nairobi-based producer and artist who has been honing his skills in music production and collaboration over the past several years as a regular member of the Ableton producer meetups. With an interest in music, education and technology his sound and direction is clear to see as a community driven individual.


Furaha Ruguru
Santuri Salon Lead

Furaha is a Kenyan music journalist, content creator and digital marketer with a healthy addiction to music. When she's not making kombucha, she's hosting community events that bring creatives together to learn from each other. Her drean is to see Kenyan music and culture celebrated locally as well as globally.


Bryan Murgor
Educational Lead & SEMA Tutor

Bryan, aka ‘SnSe’, is a graduate of the first SEMA cohort, and the TTT training. A talented producer, musician and DJ, he’s currently one of the key tutors on the SEMA course.


Jacqueline Mugo 
DJ Consultant & SEMA Tutor

A veteran in Kenya's DJ industry, Shock is a DJ and budding producer who has travelled across the country and as far as Kampala, entertaining local and international crowds, online around the world as well as offline before diverse audiences.

She is also recognized and interacts with government bodies and NGOs, lobbying for the welfare of DJs. Many of her students have gone on to make an impact and play in multiple events.


Tabitha Nyamweya
Finanace & Administration Officer

Tabitha, a software developer turned music producer, is on a mission to fuse her technical prowess with her love for music. She has delved into the world of music production as a two time SEMA alum, with influences ranging from classical music to Korean pop music as well as years of experience as a multi-instrumentalist. She is a frequent collaborator with other artists, and she is always looking for new ways to experiment with sound. Tabitha is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in the music industry, and is part of the femme sound engineering collective, SoundsystersKE.


Karrl Omuom
Marketing & Communications / Content Officer

Karrl is a music producer, DJ, and visual artist based in Nairobi, Kenya. He has a wide range of skills and experience in a variety of musical genres, from Afro music to dancehall/genge to alternative. He has lent his sound to the Afro music trio ‘L3GS’, the dancehall/genge duo ‘KGB’, and the recently constituted alternative duo, K.Sh. He has also worked with artists and producers from across East Africa, and has played on multiple stages, showcasing his remarkable ability to curate a vibe.
In addition to his musical talents, Karrl is also a trained journalist. He has exceptional videography, photography, and graphic design skills. He uses his artistic eye to help artists and organizations create a personalized image.


Mercy Barno
Technical Support Volunteer 

Barno's a Music Producer, DJ & Audio Engineer based in Nairobi, Kenya. She’s passionate about creating captivating sounds and delivering unforgettable /performances



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